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Blue Voyage

Blue Cruise Yacht

Blue Cruise, also known as Blue Voyage is a specific term in the Turkish tourism industry used for the sailing-boat cruising experience along the Turkish Riviera - covering the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, as well as the Greek islands.

A piece of heaven on earth with its natural beauty, popular way of exploring in the beautiful turquoise water a lot of unique coves in our country. You will enjoy a picturesque experience. Blue Voyage (Turkish: Mavi Yolculuk) takes several days on the boat, offers you an unforgettable holiday with its various destinations crystal-clear water and delicious food. Most amazing holiday experience will be waiting for you – swimming among sheer mountains and untouched natüre.

Yacht vacation allows to have a pleasant time by taking you out of your ordinary life, stressful environment of big cities. It offers the opportunity to spend a wonderful holiday by watching the sunset, sunrise and  peaceful time with the sounds of the waves.  Integrate with nature and relax your soul.  This vacation is  much more than a basic sun and sea holiday. Chose your Routes and enjoy your a fabulous journey.

Blue Voyage
Blue Voyage
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