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Food And Beverage In Blue Voyage

Blue Voyage Restaurants

How we provide Food and Beverage to the Gulets and Yachts?

During your trip all foods is delivered to the yacht in its freshest form. You will be amazed by the variety and taste of Turkish Cuisine. All beverages will be purchased according to your preference, kept in the boat bar and will be served hot/cold by our staff. The goods that are purchased will be stored in deep freezers and fridges of our boats and will stay fresh.  

All food and beverages are freshly prepared  by the cook on board and served by the staff. All of our boats have on-board chefs who specialise in cooking local dishes. Dining with a great view and under the  sky full of stars will make every meal a real feast .

Taking a traditional ride inherited from Halikarnas Fisherman and his pals on the blue cruise will be a more special experience for you.  Blue Cruise  is the best way to spend your holiday .Enjoy the sunset, shoot pictures, read books,  sip your drink either under the shade of a tent or in the hammock.

By choosing different routes, you can discover historical places also get the opportunity to see the heritage of past civilizations. A peaceful holiday nested with the sea and of course Turkish food is freshly prepared and beautifully presented by the chefs of our Yachts.

Food And Beverage In Blue Voyage
Food And Beverage In Blue Voyage
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