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Blue Tour Route

A sea trip by yacht, gulet, boat, usually for a holiday purpose and covering different provinces such as Bodrum Antalya, is usually called a “Blue Tour”. According to this term, which has been given to the tourism world by different names such as Blue Tour route and Blue Cruise, the tourism world has moved to a different dimension and a new sector has emerged. Starting from the beginning of summer and until the end of summer, holidaymakers who participate in this wonderful journey, which is lively and fun, get acquainted with the wonderful nature and beauty of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Vacationers who have the opportunity to watch the Mediterranean and Aegean  also get a chance to see the ancient location of the Greek Islands. We have listed a few of the important regions among the blue  routes for you.


Blue Tour Routes

Gocek, which is a very beautiful and quiet holiday town connected to Fethiye, is a very popular destination for holiday makers with its clean sea,  numerous islands, hidden bays and also various historical places.Gocek, located in the Fethiye district of Muğla. Since it is easily to get there , it is  also usually preferred by the quiet and beautiful resort of Gocek, as well as magnificent bays. Therefore, let's look together at the routes of the Gocek bays , which have become one of the most popular resorts in the past years and have become the center of Blue Tour. What bays are there in Gocek?  In other words , where are the Gocek Blue Tour routes?

1. Sarsala Bay

2. Yassica Islands

3. Killebuku Bay

4. Cleopatra Bay (Hamam Bay)

5. Sırlıbük Bay

6. Shipyard Island

7. Bedri Rahmi Bay

8. Aquarium Bay

9. Paradise Bay

10. Diğlüklü Bay

11. Pig Island

12. Merdivenli Bay


Kucuk Karanlık Bay ( Little Dark Bay)

This bay, which can also be reached by land via a stony road, promises a magnificent view.

This bay, which is also preferred by yacht lovers with its calm and always clean water, fascinates everyone by its magnificent views of Babadag and Yassica Islands.

Gösun Bay

Gösun Bay, a bay near the Island of Pigs, resembles an open-air museum with an  ancient ruins surrounded by olive trees, this bay is also located on the blue cruise routes.


Gocek Island

You can start your blue tour from Gocek Island it is the closest beach to Göcek center. It will relax you with its clean sea and natüre.


Gocek Yacht Charter

Are you ready to  discover the most pristine and luxurious locations? You can rent a yacht for a great cruise where you can visit and see unspoiled nature and historical sites with magnificent bays that are one of the most favorite destinations of holidaymakers. Have this beautiful experience with your wife, friend or family. There are yachts that you can rent daily with prices ranging from 2000 to 8000 for  yacht charter in Gocek.


Fethiye Yacht Charter

You can rent a yacht to watch Fethiye - one of the most beautiful districts of Muğla. It is one of the most popular regions for boat rentals & yacht charters where you can have a great time with your family. Prices for renting  in Fethiye vary from 2000 to 15000.