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Fethiye is one of the major centers for blue cruises and motor yacht charters. A holiday paradise to the whole world, takes its visitors to the blue of the Aegean Sea and drags them to its peaceful atmosphere with its islands and coves in crystal clear water. This sailing holiday is perfect for families with children. The crystal clear water in sheltered coves makes swimming and snorkelling a true delight.


 Ölüdeniz literally means “dead sea,” and this comparison was due to the sea’s stillness.

If you do not like wavy seas, then Ölüdeniz can be the best option for you.  It is one of the unique place which has crystal blue water and golden sands. The most special thing is the deep of the sea, clean and always calm water. Ölüdeniz offer a variety of diving opportunities . Due to its geographical locations , Ölüdeniz is an ideal place  for yacht charter and blue cruise.

Kelebekler Vadisi Butterfly Valley

Located on the Babadağı around with famous vegetation of the Mediterranean region is like a corner of heaven. The valley, which was named after the 80 different butterfly species.It is a perfect nature event that various butterflies accompnay you enjoy the nature life and sea. Guests and tourist who come to Butterfly Valley with boats can spend a quiet day under the sun and on the beach of the valley, which is registered as a protected site.

Kabak Koyu Kabak Cove

Kabak Cove  is a little paradise with clear turquoise water to the natural wonders you won’t find anywhere else. This half-moon bay, surrounded by pine forests and mountains. Kabak Bay is entirely for you with its green and blue, oak trees and Caretta Caretta sea turtles… Surrounded by high slopes around the bay, there are also natural pools of Aladere Falls and waterfalls. If you go to, you should certainly go to Aladere Falls. One of the ways is the pathway you can go through the Lycian Way. 

Boat Island

The area around the bay is covered with olive and pine trees. Gemiler is a perfect place to swim and snorkel. In the centre of Kayaköy, there’s a signpost for Gemiler Adası (Gemiler Island). Follow this road sign and you’ll be taken on a short journey out of Kayaköy, through the pretty village of Kınalı and on through a forest road.  Gemile Bay welcomes the visitors with the colorful atmosphere and wonderful view. Besides the natural beauty, St Nicholas Island attracts people because of its historical background and the ruins.

Kıdrak Bay

Kıdrak Bay is located in Kıdrak Nature Park. Kidrak Bay is located 4 kilometers from the Dead Sea.  It is ideal for swimming in the sea with pine trees, soft white sand and clear sea. You can admire the beautiful shades of green and blue on this beach surrounded by greenery. There are restaurants, cafes, tables, showers, toilets and sun loungers on the beach that can meet all your needs. Kıdrak Bay, which also offers a wonderful camping area, is perfect for those who want to be alone with nature.

Katrancı Bay

Katrancı Nature Park, which is 16 km away from Fethiye, is intertwined with pine and eucalyptus forest and has two coves, one of which is sandy and one is a pebble. If you are dreaming of a holiday that is special to you, even if the sun is far from your eyes, you should absolutely visit Katrancı Bay, which hosts one of the most beautiful beaches of Fethiye.

Cold Water Bay

The water of the bay is clear and blue. You can see gorgeous views of the bay water and its shore that open up from here. Many sailing guides suggest there are only a handful of anchorages, the owner of the small restaurant on site is skilled at positioning yachts making it possible to moor up to around 12. Natural cold water spring rising from its depths and making for a refreshing and frosty swim stop. The clear water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling on a hot summers day, that's if you are brave enough to take the plunge!

Paradise Bay

Water of Fethiye Paradise Bay is warm and turquoise. There are camping are near the Paradise Bay and Kabak bay. You can set up tent just inside the bay. Peace, silence and beautiful nature around will make you forget about all your problems and let you rest your mind. Cennet Bay, which is also suitable for hiking, trekking, charter yacht tours and blue cruises, will offer unforgettable moments for your summer vacation.

Fethiye Yacht Charter

There are many bays and beaches on the Göcek – Fethiye route. This particular bay is a fascinating natural wonder surrounded by sweetgum trees, which are resistant to sunlight. Günlüklü Bay Beach, which is 1 km inland from the Göcek – Fethiye highway, is also covered with sweetgum (Günlük) trees.

Quiet and peaceful days await you in Fethiye, where you will have the opportunity to see dozens of precious virgin bays by renting a Fethiye Yacht Charter, explore the mystery of the underwater world and visit the ruins of an ancient city.

The most beautiful bays of Fethiye that can be visited with a blue cruise.