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Journeys in turquoise waters guarantee that you will discover a nature creation that can not be seen anywhere else in the world. With the perfect harmony of nature and peace, Göcek is here.  It attracts holidaymakers with its atmosphere suitable for many extreme sports and activities, which will not only be limited to sunbathing on the beach and going to the sea. located in the bays of Fethiye, Göcek bays create a natural lace work, each of which has a different beauty, combined with the harmony of nature.

 Sirali Buk

Another name of Sıralıbük located in the recess of Cape Marchin at the north of Sarsala Quay is Marchin Cove. The cove, surrounded by high mountains on all sides, is unified with pine trees on mountains.

Sarsala Cove

Sarsala Cove is another favourite stopping place for boats and the blue voyage yachts. It has peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty, is also one of the most preferred bays for swimming.

Osman Aga Bay

All bays are surrounded with sweetgum trees, where you will look you have great pleasure is like a postcard because of natural structure of the whole bay from the environment. Enjoy your Gocek tour.

Cleopatra Bay

The Cleopatra Baths Bay is the place where the historical ruins with the sunken baths and blue and green coexist. According to history, during the visit of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to the Mediterranean shores, her close friends decided to make her this bath and give it as a gift. Because they found that there is a hot water source in this bay.

Kille Bükü Bay

This is another bay with the lovely beach and pine forest, also you will find church ruins and decorated stones.

Gobun Bay

Surrounded by lush trees, this bay attracts the attention of many people with its ancient ruins.

Bedri Rahmi Bay

Bedri Rahmi bay is also known by the Lycian name "Taşyaka" according to its natural beauty and historical significance. Bedri Rahmi bay is well sheltered from strong winds therefore here is a good point of anchorage

Ayten Bay

Ayten Bay, which has a stony sea, is in a location that can be reached both by car and boat. In the bay where there is no facility, you need to have your food and beverage needs completed before you go to the bay. You will be satisfied with the natural beauties in the bay.

Küçük Karanlık Koyu

Taşlık bir yol vasıtasıyla karadan da ulaşılabilen bu koy muhteşem bir manzara vadediyor. Sakinliği ile yat severler tarafından da tercih edilen bu koy muazzam Babadağ ve Yassıca Adaları manzarası ile herkesi büyülüyor. 

Gösün Koyu

Domuz Adasına yakın bir koy olan Gösün Koyu, antik kalıntılarla açık hava müzesini andırıyor. Zeytin ağaçları ile çevrili olan bu koy mavi yolculuk rotalarında yer alıyor. 

Seagull Bay

This Cove is also known as Seagull Bay (Marchi Koyu) because you will find seagull mosaics on the shore. The one of the  hidden treasures of Gocek.

Siralibuk Bay

Siralibuk Bay, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bays of Gocek, is a frequent destination for daily tour boats. It is one of the exquisite bays where you can cool off while mountain goats drink their water in this clear bay where fresh water and salt water meet.

Akvaryum Bay

Akvaryum Bay, one of the best diving areas in Turkey, is a protected area in recent years. It is a suitable diving site for both advanced and less experienced divers. It is a great choice for night diving. Aquarium bay is an isolated location along the Mediterranean Sea which can only be reached by boat. This region is abundant with sea life, so keep your eyes open and you may spot clownfish, octopuses, starfish, damselfish, red mullets, sea urchins, stingrays and more.

Paradise Cove

Cennet bay is one of the most wonderful bays in Göcek and it’s located West front of the Yassıca Islands. You can watch the view of beautiful Yassıca Islands from this bay. Huge pine trees on the bay hide its visitors under its shadow.

Merdivenli bay

With it’s amazing, green nature Merdivenli bay is fascinate everyone who visits the bay. There are alot of caves around the bay and a path that leads to the village. You can find a market for ethnic goods in the village.

Yassica Islands

The Yassica Islands are a group of five beautiful islands within the Fethiye Gulf. These islands are the best spots for those who want to enjoy scuba diving, blue cruise or simply swimming. The vegetation is pine and olive and the shallow waters are ideal for a number of water sports. Certainly, they are very safe for children and hence popular with families. Some of the islands are very close together and it is easy to swim between some of them.

Gocek Yacht Charter

You can start your blue cruise with the natural wonder island, which is closest to the center of Göcek. You can enjoy enjoying the sweet sun among the trees and leaving yourself to the blue waters.

Göcek bays are one of the rare places in the world where many different shades of green and blue are seen. Many beautiful bays and picturesque islands surrounded by turquoise waters come together to create an inviting landscape. Göcek is the perfect gateway to the South Aegean coastline and the Mediterranean. Gocek yacht Charter requests are become popular every day.