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Gokova Yacht Charter

The climate and weather  conditions suitable for visiting for all seasons. . One of the things you must do whenever you are in Turkey is to go on a cruise with Gokova Yacht Charter. Immersing yourself in the cool and clear water witnessing the sunrise and sunset from the most beautiful place in the bays. This incredible coastline where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. 

Holiday on gulets must be considered as sun, sea and relax. Gökova Boat Charter offers a holiday plan that will meet your expectations exactly.

We offer our comfortable and modern yachts and boats at your service with our proffecional crew and invite you to our hourly or daily blue cruise routes. The accomadation maximum 16-30 person all gulets  provided with an air conditioning system. Take the early booking advantages including our food and beverage services. For quality service, reasonable prices and a great blue cruise experience, your address should be Norden Yachting.

Akbuk Bay


Akbuk Bay, which is just one of the hidden paradises of Muğla - the waters here are shallow and non-tidal and crystal clear, the water often changes colour sometimes it’s clear blue another day it is truly turquoise. You can relax and chill without the hustle and bustle of most seaside resorts. This bay, located 25 km from Akkaya in the north of the Gulf of Gokova, has become one of the most frequented bays of the region because it has also been determined as the starting point of boat tours.

Gulf Gökova

The marina is located on the northern shore of Gulf Gökova. The most beautiful and the most famous coasts of Turkey, is in service as a precious pearl of the the Mediterranean. This modern marina, built without disturbing the natural beauties, has become one of the main summer tourist destination. Marina is open 24 hours a day and surrounded by high security, also thera are a lot of Marina facilities like Yacht Services, technical services, activities within and around the Marina.

Sycamore Bay

Sycamore Bay, which is frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists. Azmak is not just a river for you to enjoy the view. The water comes from the mountains. It's cold but very healthy. Once you jump in, you'll be addicted. The Aquarium section is a depth of 10 metres and you can see all the way to the bottom. It is one of those moments you cannot describe, you have to absorb everything around you and appreciate how untouched and special this place really is. Relaxing and refreshing yacht tour and memories that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Sycamore Bay

The abundant green makes Çamlı a popular tourist destination. Another name is Çamlı Village - ” (literally, “with pine trees”) after plenty of pines around. Village houses which are located on the valley and two streams passing through, remind flowers on streamside. Located on the ancient Caria road.

Çamlı Bay Pier is also a very important place for yacht tourism. The  visitors comes from spring to autumn. The sandy and rocky coves in Çamlı are full of the most unique views of the bay. The unique green colors of the pine trees, unreliable natüre,  turquoise water is known as a calming, inspiring, and even healing experience for the mind and body.   The place you’ve previously fallen in love with.  

Gallipoli - Gelibolu Island

It is one of the places where boat tours organized to the virgin coves of the Gökova Gulf in the western province of Muğla offer unforgettable moments for local and foreign tourists. The visitors come to the boats early in the morning and visit these coves until late hours. This island, which offers a suitable area for diving sports. In addition, rabbits and goats that already live on the island are also the focus of attention of visitors here.

Dark Navy Blue Bay

Navy Blue Bay, which got its name from the color of the sea, is famous for its deep waters and the surrounding cliffs. According to a rumor, Poseidon's palace is also in these depths, and it is indicated that you can see it if you dive deep enough. This bay, which is indispensable for the summer months with its cold water, also welcomes a large number of local or foreign visitors. This Blue – Green Paradise has a sunset like no other. After swimming in this deep blue bay embracing the pine forests you can hear  various bird sounds  from around.   The Gulf of Gokova and its bays is a favorite among the places with the richest content for the blue tour.

Dish Bay

Çakık Bay, also known as İngiliz Port, is a region with various stories about its name. The most common is about  its  geographical features of the bay. During World War II, a British ship hid in this bay while escaping from a Russian or German ship, was successful in evading the ship, and got its name from here. Dish Bay, which has a fairly calm sea, is a rather unique bay, which is hidden by pine trees .  This place, which is rare in Turkey. Famous for its sheltered formation and still sea, Dish Bay is one of the rare bays  you have to visit.

Karacasöğüt Bay

Karacasöğüt Bay is one of the most popular bays visited by tuorists  and blue cruise boats cruising .  Blue and green are so intertwined that if we consider the waterfall with a green pool, the ancient ruins and the cave, you will encounter an outstanding view. As you walk from the coast to the hill, you will be able to see the city Necropolis, the ruins of fortifications, rock tombs and cisterns. Karacasöğüt is a quite a rich place to swim and relax.

Incekum beach

Incekum Beach is located in Marmaris and takes its name from the beautiful sand it has. Its sea is pure and clean like an aquarium. One of the best beaches of Turkish Riviera.  And it is one of the most important centers of tourist attraction . Clean and always warm water near the shore. You can swim both in calm weather and on days when the mood by the sea is quite hectic. We recommend this beach  to put at list of your boat holiday route.

Cedar Island (Cleopatra Beach)

The beach, which is famous for its story, is also famous for its sand. A unique beach where you can enjoy its wonderful sea. It is believed that these sands were transported here by the Roman Emperor Antony as proof of his love for Cleopatra, white sands are similar to the sands on the northern coast of Egypt  by its  geological formations. Among the sights of the ruins, numerous cut stone towers and fortifications. Amazing sandy beach of the island covered with olive trees.

Okluk Bay

Okluk Bay is no doubt one of the most beautiful bays located in Gokova. Lush pine trees surrounding Okluk Bay, the pearl of Gökova, the elegance of the mermaid statue that greets you at the entrance and the sea reflecting peace will be one of the most special places where you can realize your blue cruise dreams. Sadun Boro who is the master sailor and has a cult status for the Turkish sailors says Gökova is the paradise of the world, and the best bay and pearl of Gokova is Okluk bay. Smells of different herbs in the forest and local and foreign boats on anchor which creates visual excitement.The image etched into memories.

Longoz (Kargili) Bay

Longoz has the most impressive bays in the Gulf of Gokova. Sailing down the Bodrum route there are so many picturesque places to stop at for a swim or a leisurely hike and Longoz Bay is one of them. Löngöz Bay, full of unique natural landscapes, is also one of the most suitable places for boat holidays. There are two streams between reeds and shoal water at the entries. Here is the corner of paradise surrounded by pine forests. Löngöz is a very different bay that must be seen.

Değirmenbuku Bay

Değirmenbükü Bay, which is called the largest bay of Gokova. It is one of the most ideal places to spend time in this bay, which is also known for its untouched beauty. This bay, which is one of the indispensable stops of the Blue Cruise, will make your holiday unforgettable.