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Due to its proximity to Rhodes and the Aegean islands, this region, which has opened its doors to many civilizations throughout history, is also very rich in historical and cultural aspects. Marmaris, known as a natural port city, has taken an important place in yacht tourism by standing out with its three marinas with a capacity of 1100 and 9 yacht towing places with a capacity of 1200 yachts.

Kumlubuk  Bay

Kumlubük Bay Beach scenery from Amos ancient city hills. Amos ancient city is located just a few km before you get to the lovely Kumlubük Bay area. You will also find the World Famous Restaurant and Yacht Club on this bay. It is also quite an ideal place to take nature photos. Here there is a very large cave, which is believed to date back 500 years. Be sure to visit this cave when you go for a visit to the Bay. Although the Bay is inhabited, it is a quiet, beautiful and Peaceful Bay in general.


Bozburun town, which takes its name from its geographical appearance, is a clean and quiet holiday area that is very popular both for its location on the  route and for its reputation in the production of gulet-type yachts. There will be enough of beauty for your eyes. Tender hills and mountains of Bozburun Peninsula are covered with evergreen trees and bushes, and they look pretty fluffy. Here the land disappears quite smoothly inside the emerald and azure colors of the sea. Its coastline is full of ancient remains of classical Greek and Byzantine history. Since it is located on the Blue Cruise route, you can also enjoy this beautiful scenic resort with our Bozburun Yacht Charter option. By  chartering a yacht or a traditional Turkish wooden boat called gulet and witness the unique images of nature.


Marmaris is 22 km away from Datça, is the highest point from where you can see the scenic view of the Hisarönü on one side and on the other the Gulf of GökovaHisaronu Bay, which attracts millions of visitors every year and is on the favorite route of Hisaronu Yacht Charter and boat trips, is home to the most innocent combination of the sea and sand  with its beach extending for 700 meters to the shore.  Spending a perfect day in this environment with the most beautiful and most attractive effect of nature and exploring new places will be an unforgettable experience. Hisaronu is a very charming place with its magnificent nature, unbeatable nature view and crystal clear sea. If you are not looking for strenuous activities and may want to get away from the chaos, noise, work life and stress, or if you are just looking for a holiday to relax and chill, then Hisaronu is the right place for you.

Bordubet Bay

 Bordubet Bay is a picturesque and secluded bays situated on the Gulf of Gokova, about 29 km. on the northwest of Marmaris. Bordubet is a heavenly place, nestled in between forested hills and mountains and has an azure and calm sea. Bordubet Bay is a very relaxing and peaceful place visitors may experience and enjoy the region by making water sports such as canoeing, sea kayaking, stand-up paddling, windsurfing, hiking or trekking along the forest paths of the on the Carian trail while listening to birds singing, fishing, cycling and mountain biking.

Pregnant Church Bay

Pregnant Church Bay, located 11 km southwest of the resort of Orhaniye, connected to Marmaris, is a Bay famous for its Pebble Beach. The sea is so clear that you can easily see it even with the naked eye. It is a region frequented especially by diving enthusiasts. There are also historical ruins in this corner of paradise, one of the first stops of blue cruise boats. It is a perfect choice for lovers of nature, sea and history. Blue and Green are in harmony in Gebekse Bay. In some places you can see caretta caretta turtles.

Abdi Reis Bay

Abdi Reis Bay, located at the exit of Marmaris, is a preferred bay for divers. You can take part in activities or take diving lessons, as the diving facilities are suitable there. Located 24 kilometers from Marmaris, Abdi Reis Bay is surrounded by forest and sea. Due to the large number of bays nearby, sea traffic is more intense in this region. There are numerous hotels and accommodation options around the Bay. You can stay in these hotels when you visit the Bay.

Selimiye Bay

Selimiye, a bay where boats can take shelter in bad weather, is one of the popular stops of blue tour boats. It is a 45-minute drive from Marmaris. Selimiye Village is one of the real jewels in the Gulf of Hisaronu. As the sun disappears behind the mountains, the village almost seems to change colour into a rich shade of red.  There are the ruins of a castle in the hills to the south east. Selimiye Bay has the shape of both a natural harbor and a natural pool. The area has a volcanic structure and the sea depth reaches 30-40 meters if you lay off 15 meters from the coast.

Amos Bay

Amos, a small and magnificent bay, has a long beach and a turquoise sea. The most beautiful activity in this magnificent bay is to watch the sunrise and sunset. The valleys are thicky wooded with pine and olive trees. There are good depths in the bay. The bay is open to east. There are no obstructions while entering ino the bay. There are summerhouses on the hillsides, among the trees. The beach area is cordoned off by the buoys. Amos Bay, which is connected to Turunç region, is 25 km from Marmaris. You can use boat tours and sea taxis to reach the Bay.

Ciftlik Bay

Çiftlik Bay is famous for its beaches. Many tourists visiting Marmaris region add Çiftlik to their plans because it is one of the fabulous places around Marmaris. Also, tour boats and private boats give a swimming break in Çiftlik Bay. The area is suitable for underwater diving. Snorkeling can open the doors of the magnificent world of underwater.  Sea is crystal clear, and the beach is very suitable for long and pleasant sun-baths. Nature is so amazing in Çiftlik. There are many pine trees around the bay and the combination of blue and green in Çiftlik is really worth to see.

Bencik Bay

The Aegean Sea’s southwestern beauty, the Bencik Bay, is close to the Gökova gulf and has breath-taking natural beauty. It is one of the exceptionally pristine bays in the area, which can be visited on boat trips. 

Paradise Island

 Paradise Island which is situated at the entry to Marmaris Bay is not really an island. It is a peninsula but it is certainly better access from the sea than the land.  It is covered in forest and is a regular day trip for people from Marmaris. On your yacht charter you have the choice of remaining after other boats have left. There are good restaurants on the Island where you may decide to eat after a pleasant swim in its warm waters. A naturally beautiful place, the Island is a great place to spend a day.

Kamelya Adası

Genellikle tekne turları ile gezilen Marmaris Koyları arasında bir diğer etkileyici koy olan Kamelya Adası, diğer koylara göre biraz daha farklıdır. Muhteşem tabiatı, sıkça karşılaşmanız muhtemel keçileri, asırlık kilisesi ile dikkat çeken bir bölgedir. Ayrıca batıl inanışa sahip gezginler, bu bölgede dilek ağacına adaklar adayıp dua etmektedir. İnanışa göre dilekler kabul olmaktadır. Enfes kekik kokusunu koyda gezdiğiniz her an hissedebiliyorsunuz. Kara ulaşımına kapalı olan Kamelya Adasına sadece deniz ulaşımı sağlanmaktadır. Günübirlik tekne turlarıyla adaya geçebilirsiniz.

Aquarium Bay

This is a wonderful and exciting starting point for all tourists that want to sail the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic seas. White rocks are an all-natural formation. Experts note that this is caused by high minerals in the water. Since aquarium Bay is a region where natural groundwater flows, it is normal to have such natural formations. Private boat owners anchor here and stay on the boat. Because of the clarity of the sea and the location of the bay, It is called Aquarium Bay.

Navy Blue Bay

Every bay in Marmaris has a story. Named according to its characteristics or according to events in history, Navy Blue Bay, one of the most remarkable bays among these bays, gets its name from the sea of a mixture of navy blue and dark blue. It has a very interesting sea with a mixture of navy blue – blue and turquoise. The Navy Blue Bay, which has managed to preserve its natural beauty for centuries, is one of the first stops of boats. Most of Marmaris's daily boat tours take a break in the Dark Blue Bay, and during this break, guests throw themselves into the dark blue and clear water. If you participate in a boat tour in Marmaris, choose boat tours with a Dark Blue Bay on the route.

Toothless Island

Toothless Island, a little-known and hidden corner of paradise,  holidaymakers who visit for the first time are getting confused by its natüre . İt is much more beautiful than many popular bays, they are surprised how it has not been discovered until this time. There are small beaches on the island. The nature of the island one of the most beautiful areas of Marmaris. In the area with high hills, you can hike, camp and fish. On this small island of volcanic rocks, it is also quite surprising that high cliffs look like living objects.

Orhaniye Bay

Orhaniye is situated on the southwest of Marmaris and 2,5 kilometres away from Turgut, 26,4 kilometres from Marmaris. Orhaniye is an important tourist place by the Hisaronu Gulf. Orhaniye village lies on an outstanding environment along with the beautiful pine forests and nice coves. The colour of the forests reflect to the sea and a wonderful landscape appears. The sea is always very calm in Orhaniye as well. Orhaniye is home to luxury villas, famous Marchi Marina and local restaurants.

Turunç Bay

Turunc Bay is located on the west coast of Turkey. Turunc is not a hive of activity; it is about relaxing and soaking up the Aegean vibes. A walk around the village takes less than a morning. A nice and sandy Blue Flag award winning beach leading into calm and cool waters is perfect for snorkeling or swimming.

Ayın Bay

About 10 km from Marmaris, the Bay of the Moon is a small part of paradise. There are many visitors who come to the area where the diving school is located. A mixture of gravel and sand, the beach is as long as it can be. Because it has a pier, this Bay where boats often dock. Accommodation is available in small hostels located around it.

Marmaris Yacht Charter

The yacht is mostly used for sightseeing, business or celebration purposes and offers home comfort. In this aspect, it can meet all your needs. These luxury boats, which are resistant to all weather conditions, are powered by high-power engines. Our Marmaris Yacht Charter service allows you to have a pleasant holiday intertwined with nature while continuing to take advantage of today's modern facilities along the Blue Cruise route

You can relax, take pictures of you, your loved ones or the nature. You can swim, read books and have sunbathing.


In addition, another type of boat that is ideal for a Blue Cruise is gulets. Marmaris Gulet Charter offers this traditional type of yacht with handmade wood, sailboats and engines at your service. These gulets, which attract attention by their design and comfort, are currently  used on trips near the coast. However, it is also known for being quite suitable for use on the high seas.

Whether it is short-term or long-term trips, it has developed considerably with its large living area and its structure that minimizes the comfort and seasickness it offers.  You can choose the one that best suits you prefer. In addition,  by choosing  yachts or gulets with different sizes, you can make your preferences without having to worry about capacity. Marmaris, which is one of the most suitable options for such holidays, provides all the possibilities for you to go after unexplored beauties with various types of yachts